Examples of 50%, 75%, and 100% Embroidered Amounts Examples of 50%, 75%, and 100% Embroidered Amounts

Merrowed Border:

A merrowed border is when thread is sewn around the perimeter of your patch ensuring a complete finished edge. This type of edge finishing is done to seal the edges of simpler shapes such as rounded and geometric shapes. This is the most common edge for patch finishing. For a complex shaped design, a hot cut border would be recommended. Included FREE of charge

Hot Cut Border:

A hot cut border is a way of finishing the patch edge when a merrowed or sewn border cannot be accomplished. This type of edge is most commonly used with a complex shape or with Velcro backing. Your design is hot cut from the embroidered patch material causing the edges to seal and have no chance of fraying. This type of border is an additional $.10 per patch

Iron-On Backing:

Iron-On backing only adds $0.10 per patch! Iron on backing is pretty self explanatory. A special coating is applied to the back of your patches that causes it to adhere to fabric when heated with an iron. This is a nice alternative to sewn on patches.

Peel and Stick Backing:

Peel and Stick backing adds 15 % to the price of the patch. Peel and Stick backing is the easier way to apply your patch to any material than iron on backing. The backing does have a lasting hold on many surfaces and fabrics!

Velcro Backing:

Velcro backing adds 20 % to the price of the patch. Velcro backing is a hook & loop Nylon and Polyester based fastening system that has been commercially produced since the late 1950’s. Invented by a Swiss Electrical Engineer in 1941 Velcro is the ultimate adhering mechanism when reusable attachment is required. We supply both sides of the Velcro strip, custom cut to the shape of your design for a full seal.

Button Loop:


Button loops are great for patches that are designed to hang from a lapel pin or button.  When you just do not desire to permanently affix by sewing or ironing on your patch. Adds $ 0.10 per patch

Metallic Thread:

metallic Thread

Add metallic thread to your patches . This gives your patches that real ” Silver or Gold ” shiny metal look.  This can be used in conjunction with any backing.  Adds $ 20 % per patch

Heat Transfer Patches:

Heat Transfer1

Heat transfer or often called ” Dye-Sublimated”is an exacting image recreation for those applications where needle and thread are too much a departure from your desired finished look where gradient colors are used . These patches can be created as” HYBRID” with a portion of the patch has stitched ” TEXT ”  & “BORDER” with a background image as shown.  This can be used in conjunction with any backing. Adds $ 30 % to order.