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Custom Lapel Pins for Your Business or Organization

Are you looking to design and purchase your own lapel pins? Let us know, we have graphic artists who are waiting to help you create your very own lapel pin design. This service is provided FREE to you when you choose! We take every extra step to ensure you get complete customer satisfaction and to ensure you are getting the best product available at the most competitive pricing. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the quality product you deserve!

The custom lapel pins we help you create can be used by many different organizations, and come in a variety of types and sizes to fit your specific need. Lapel pins can promote pride in your company and be an excellent marketing tool. When you combine the best available material with expert craftsmanship you get a lasting token that showcases the pride and hard work that your organization is known for. Enjoy your lapel pin making experience with

• Lapel Pins are an integral element of corporate identity.
A well-made lapel pin looks great on the employees of both small firms and big corporations. A single logo or message embodied in a lapel pin strengthens the corporate spirit ,and adds to a company’s confidence and commitment.

• Lapel Pins inform and provide recognition to others.
You can easily recognize the members and associates of prominent or public organizations anywhere thanks to their unique lapel pins. Lapel pins will inform the public of the work you do. Lions Club, Masons, Law Enforcement, Shriner’s, Sororities, and Corporate Branding are just a few examples of the types of pins we do. The more people that see the participants wearing these special lapel pins, the more recognition and education you will provide for your group.

• Lapel Pins recognize and reward achievement and success.
Whether it is for years of dedicated service or just reaching a specific goal, a custom lapel pin will go a long way in building employees’ pride in the company or organization. When running competitions, events or contests, giving out lapel pins to participants or fans makes the event that much more memorable.

• Lapel Pins make unique presents or collectibles.
A handcrafted lapel pin is an excellent gift. Many people start collecting lapel pins in their childhood and remain loyal to this hobby for lifetime – and not by chance; many such pins are real pieces of art.

Our Custom lapel pins can be manufactured in any shape, size and color range imaginable. Do you have a complicated logo or detailed sketch as the basis of your design? No problem as we have a lapel pin solution for any application. Our 25 years of experience with lapel pins also brings personal attention to each and every order and we can offer recommendations for appropriate lapel pin types, attachments and packaging to suit your needs. For many pins orders we can achieve production turn a round times in as little as 5 business days.